Over 40+ unique features
to seamlessly manage all flight operations tasks.


Fast and effortless dispatching with real time views of crew compliance and aircraft maintenance. Manages flight release duties, crew notifications and flight pre-planning (manifests etc).

Mobile Cockpit Flightlog Manangement

A pilot centric app for functions needed in the cockpit. These include flight logs, viewing aircraft and company documents and manuals and reporting aircraft discrepancies. Real time flight logging from the cockpit means no more paperwork during or after the flight.


FAA Compliance in Real-Time

A complete FAA-compliant electronic records keeping system. Track all crew and aircraft currency items with email and dashboard alerts for items requiring your attention. Also store and access all pilot records, aircraft manuals and documents, company manuals and documents, flight & duty records, load manifests and much more.

One-Click Reporting

Instantly view crew reports, aircraft flight logs and load manifests. No more manual tallying of crew flight hours or doing forensic accounting on times & cycles when the numbers don't match what they should be.

Communications Management

Crew are automatically notified of upcoming flights and are required to accept each flight. This eliminates the need to manually email, text or call crew members to advise them of flights. Also use the built in Bulletin Board for important notices like GOM and OpSpec updates.

FlightPro 135 Features

Below is brief overview of the key components of FlightPro 135. If you would like a free demonstration of FlightPro 135, please contact us.

Features Included

Pilot Records and Duty Tracking

  • Crew Status
  • Pilot Documents
  • Flight and Duty Records
  • Training Records
  • Checking Currency
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • PRIA
  • Reports

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FlightPro 135 delivers a multitude of operational, safety and cost benefits

Massive Time Savings

FlightPro 135 makes your operation more efficient than it's ever been. All the modules are integrated and data flows seamlessly and automatically between scheduling, flight logs, maintenance and compliance.

Reduced Overhead

Being more efficient translates to spending less money. FlightPro 135 will save you approximately 35 hours per month per aircraft. This equates to a net saving (including the cost of FlightPro 135) of $500-$800 per month per aircraft.

Better Safety

The safety audit industry has convinced 135 operators that a safety audit every two years is a good thing and should be celebrated. We completely disagree. FlightPro 135 does a safety audit every 2 seconds. Charter clients would feel much more confident with their choice of operator if they knew that all safety related requirements were being monitored in real time 24/7. Nothing beats continuous monitoring when striving for maximum safety.

The comfort of knowing you are in compliance 24/7

With hundreds of FAA compliance items required to be monitored by Part 135 operators, it's very complex and requires rigorous oversight and attention. FlightPro 135 keeps you on the ball at all times.

No more base inspections

Give read only access to your POI and base inspections will become a thing of the past. Your POI will transition your operation to continuous monitoring, just like they do with the largest operators who have proprietary million-dollar compliance systems that perform the same functions as FlightPro 135.

Easy to use

It's so easy to use, you won't need any training on how to use it. The website app and companion iPad app are intuitive, elegant and designed to execute any operations related task with a minimal amount of clicks.

Cloud based for anywhere, anytime access

When you work in the cloud, work gets a whole lot easier. Centralizing your records and your operations related processes liberates your operation and your IT infrastructure.

The best security for your data

With your flight, crew, aircraft and company data all in the cloud, your content is safer and more secure than anywhere else (especially compared to your local hard drive or a filing cabinet).

No more paper manuals

Your paper flight logs, paper forms, paper manuals and paper documents will be forced into early retirement.


One simple price

  • Everything included:
  • Unlimited use of FlightPro 135
  • Unlimited support (7 days a week)
  • Unlimited pilots
  • Unlimited updates and new feature upgrades
  • Free telephone setup and training
  • No contract
  • No setup fee or hidden fees
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